Your employer will enroll you when you become eligible. Once that’s done, here’s a list of what to expect and what you should do.

  1. We’ll send you an enrollment confirmation email if your employer gives us your email address. Don’t worry if you miss the email or don’t have an email address.
  2. We’ll mail a paper welcome packet to you as soon as we receive a contribution or transfer of funds from your employer. This packet will contain your account number, account balance, investment allocation, and more.
  3. After receiving your enrollment email or welcome packet, just follow the instructions. You’ll want to:
    • Register online and create a password for added security;
    • Check your investment allocation and update it, if needed;
    • Add your spouse and dependent information;
    • Set up direct deposit (if claims eligible); and
    • Elect e-statements.

     4. If your HRA is claims eligible, watch for a Benefits Card (debit card) by mail in a plain white envelope.